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    Traffic monitoring for online presence improvement – Google Penalty assessment – Audience analysis

How can EverMarketer help my business?

Having an effective online presence requires a concerted and dedicated effort. “Build it and they will come” only works in the movies. In the real world, your website must be found easily. Once found, it must communicate quickly and effectively with your target audience using interesting content that is optimized GOOGLE SEO.

We can get you on the FIRST PAGE in the Google search results

Organic vs. paid results: organic wins 94% of timeWe have almost 15 years of experience and expertise in the online marketing world. Our team is ready to put your website on the first page of Google or any other search engine. We make certain that your website ranks well by attentively following Google’s SEO guidelines for organic ranking. Our approach focuses on traffic conversion because a first place doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t come with more sales. Our goal is to generate more inbound sales leads through a good ranking on search engines.

Let us do the SEO while you concentrate on ROI.

What if I’m only interested in a certain aspect of your service?

Well, that’s not a problem! Every client is different. We can focus on your SEO strategy if needed, or review the design of your website. The first step of our work is to analyze your current website. Then we recommend a course of action based on our extensive experience. We can also focus your online marketing approach on overseas market as we are among the only Canadian SEO companies that have an expertise in Alibaba management. Get in touch with us and tell us what you need!

Canadian Clients.

Gouvernement du Québec
Bell Canada
Surplec HV
Arctica Showcases
Institut de chirurgie spécialisée de Montréal

International Clients.

A.True Cosmetics
Incheon Medical & Tourism Association

1 Mile Advertising

Online-Offline marketing tools to advertise and promote your business.

1 Mile Online Platform

  • Local Business Portal

    Dedicated platform for commercial and office buildings. Helps build community, and promote products and services to a near and trusted network of businesses and workers.

  • Directories

    In-building and surrounding listing to help businesses and individuals take advantage of nearby products and services

  • Classifieds

    Personal classified ads for people working in your building helps build community and capitalizes on trust created by proximity

  • Social Interactions

    Creating more vibrant building community keeps tenants longer, generates more business for tenants motivates employees and builds a better neighborhood

1 Mile Marketing

What is 1 Mile Online Platform?

1 Mile Online Platform is a personalized web portal for commercial buildings. Its purpose is to create community among individuals and businesses within a large commercial building. Most people live within a community. However, when it comes to work environment, where you spend 1/3 of your life, “community” often ends within the confines of your workplace front door. 1 Mile Platform is designed offer easy access to businesses and individuals who work and live within the same building. Creating community builds trust and networks. These are two indispensable concepts for both businesses and individuals.

1 Mile also offers businesses and individuals a chance to discover their surroundings, interact with fellow-workers and learn about services offered in the area. It’s a practical online tool that makes life at work more fun and helps the local businesses grow.

Why would I need 1 Mile Online Platform for my building?

One of the first criteria that business owners think about when they are renting a commercial space is the vitality of the area and how many profitable businesses are around. Once your building gets the reputation of being a vibrant and dynamic environment, you have guaranteed long-term benefits. Think of your building as a neighborhood. When your “citizens” are pleased with their environment, they stay longer. Even when they decide to move they stay within the same “neighborhood” building.

Is it easy to maintain? How much does it cost?

There is no cost to building owners for this platform and there is nothing that you as a building owner/manager have to do to maintain the 1 Mile Online Platform. We are in charge of the updates and maintenance. We even contact the businesses to better integrate them within the platform.

Platform list.

Rio Can
Cadillac Fairview

1 Mile Outdoor Advertising

1 Mile Outdoor Advertising

What is 1 Mile Outdoor Advertising?

1 Mile Outdoor is an advertising space consisting of a commercial retail containers. Container ads are the newest trend in the offline advertising world. Our philosophy is that advertising should be done smartly. Consumers don't really like those big obtrusive and unsightly billboards found on highways or buildings. They would rather see personalized ads that really talk to them while they are waiting for their coffee or buying an item from a local container business. Our advertising is at eye level close and intimate. Since it's not overpowering or 20 feet above head viewers won't feel bothered by the ads and will be receptive to your message.

What are the benefits?

With the exception of outdoor, (+1% ) all traditional media, including newspapers (-26%), magazines(-19%), radio(-11%) and cinema(-6%), saw their usage slip in the last four yearsWhen it comes to offline advertising, we put our containers in busy areas with a large volume of potential customers. Our network also consists of containers located in neighborhoods with social and business activities. Thanks to this marketing strategy, customers are willing to see your ad voluntarily. In fact, they are actually called to the location of the ad by the simple fact that it is attached to a retail operation. The retail container business is a beacon for your message.

Let us deliver your message to a local market. Drop us a line or call today for further details!

Is the 1 Mile Outdoor Advertising appropriate for my kind of business, services and products?

Containers can be used for many kind of businesses and services. Many outdoors restaurants, yoga classes, cafés, bike shop, and information stands are using containers as a physical location. Container businesses are already popular in major cities like New York and Toronto.

We make sure that your ads, on our container network, are able to attract your targeted customers. This kind of advertising is smart, efficient and it sends a personal message to your prospective customers.

Contact us today and let's discuss your offline marketing strategy!

What are the costs?

As with the other services, the 1 Mile Container service is affordable. We want to make it easier for small companies to enjoy an efficient offline strategy. Moreover, the return on investment value is really interesting. The prices depend on the size of your ads, their number, which side of the container they will be shown on and traffic statistics.

Get in touch with us for more information or a quotation!